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Nowhera Shaik Latest News; The holy month of Ramzan is here. All the people are in a festive mood celebrating the occasion with their friends and family. In this time of utter happiness, Ms Nowhera Shaik of the Heera Group has given an update regarding the twenty per cent payments of the investors of the Heera Group. She tells that with the blessings of the almighty the Heera Group is working hard to pay its investors.

Nowhera Shaik About Heera Group Investors:

Nowhera Shaik About Heera Group Investors
Nowhera Shaik

The applications that were given by the 24th of March be it regarding withdrawal or return the Heera Group is working on it. She says that she can’t reply to all because she’s herself devastated watching her people suffer. The Heera Group is working day and night and is providing as much as they can. The money is being transferred to the bank accounts, to the local ATMs and even directly to the people.

Her employees are checking the bank details of those investors and sometimes they are failing to return the money because there are errors in the IFSC code or the KYC has not been updated. In such cases, the Heera Group representatives are reaching out to the people directly to help them.

Investors Update:

She says that there are indeed some legal procedures that are to be kept in mind regarding the return of the money. The court has ordered the Heera Group to bring their IT team and collect the data from the FSL. She told that when she reached out to both the state and central FSL; they were told that the data have been handed over to the CCS.

SFIO Update:

Now She is relieved as the SFIO will anyhow collect the data from the CCS. Now she’s requesting the Home Ministry of Telangana to return the documents of the properties; because she has not yet received back the documents while they have been cleared by the Supreme Court. If she receives it back sooner then the investors will be provided with the money they deserve. With the blessings of the almighty, the Heera Group will clear all the claims as soon as possible. 

Recent Achievements Of Nowhera Shaik:

She has recently bagged the ‘Vishisht Mahila Ratna Samman’ 2022 by dint of efforts and pure intentions. The award was presented to her by Srimathi Smriti Iraniji, Union Minister of Women and Child Development in New Delhi on this women’s day. This made Women’s Day all the more special for her.

The myth that Islam doesn’t allow freedom to females is entirely misleading, and she along with her achievements are enough proof of that. She is a successful entrepreneur with a company worth crores. Nowhera Shaik is the chairperson of Heera Group. In these recent years, she also laid the foundation of an extraordinary political party by the name All India Mahila Empowerment Party [AIMEP]. She equally engages in social work for the betterment of the uncultivated section of society who are mostly neglected. This Is Big Nowhera Shaik Latest News 2022.

Nowhera Shaik Services Towards The Society:

Heera Group has currently 25000 people employed which provides for so many families directly or indirectly. Heera Group has numerous branches spread around the globe, exporting goods to more than 50 countries. Her business deals in 21 sectors including retail, food, garments and most importantly gold.

Nowhera Shaik’s political party has been continuously encouraging women to achieve goals. However, this situation has improved a lot. Society tries to impose its perspectives of things on women. They are judged and mocked for what they and even she faced challenges alike. But she never paid heed to those judgements and worked tirelessly to achieve her dreams.

This article has only a few reasons listed which show that she is truly the iron lady of India. She is an inspirational figure who radiates confidence to every single person around. She also supports small businesses.

Past News About Heera Group And Nowhera Shaik:

The 17-year-old institution is back in business! Here is all you need to know about its new chapter. 

Heera Group was a booming enterprise in the business world; that dealt with multiple services starting from building resources to even textiles and kinds of stuff like that. The arrest of their Managing Director, as well as founder Nowhera Shaik, made the company suffer losses for a while. The raid by Central Crime Station Police in their Hyderabad based Banjara Hills head office had made them; pay a huge price in terms of damage to software and other assets held by the company. The price paid by the company had reflected in their performance and thus the company had to go through a period of dormancy for a while.

The release of Nowhera Shaik from imprisonment, after she was found innocent of the charges against her was the notifying bell for the start of Heera Group’s new journey in business. She promised a speedy return of money to every investor who wanted their money back. She has also taken a pledge to restructure her company into its prior zeal and glory. 

Fresh Chapter in Nowhera Shaik Business Career:

Heera Group restarted with its trade from 1st August 2021 and has been running pretty smooth since then. Heera Group and all its associate industries have got some incredible offers for its customers. To add to its service package, Heera Group has added up a new service to its list. 

Heera Group has entered into the digital precious metals market where it will allow its online users to purchase metals like gold, silver and platinum and store it safely for later use. It has extended an affordable rate and is providing top-quality services in these spaces. Heera Group has already registered numerous new trade requests within 5 days of its reopening. These new trade requests are in addition to the already existing customer base that had opted for continuing its trade with the company.

She Got Granted A Regular Bail:

Ever heard of a Queen of Comebacks? No? Then surely you did not hear about her. One of the most powerful Indian Muslim women entrepreneurs in today’s world. The intensity of the challenges she had to face in her career makes us restore our faith in the spirit of self-confidence. 

Even after a million challenges on her way, she stood straight and faced each of the challenges in hand-in-hand combat. Her entry into politics was not taken very easily by the big sharks who wanted to solely intertwine religion and politics. Her entry into politics was not only dangerous to him because she might get the vote of the ‘minority vote bank’ but also because she could draw more faith from the women whom she tried to empower.

Things started to get more volatile when she did not go away from political grounds even after losing elections. This shook the authorities and they had to do something unique to mute her. As a result of this ego game, she was trapped in political plotting and got arrested under charges of scamming her investors. She was arrested without any prior information given to her.

About Her Regular Bail:

The cycle of justice took almost 2 years to turn in favour of her. After 2 years she was granted regular bail by the legal court and she was finally free from all charges. She started afresh and promised to return money to her investors. She has already started her work again and has redesigned her company. 

As the Queen returns to her throne, it is expected that the good days are soon going to return for the investors. Already many investors have shown interest in investing in Heera Group, many more names to be added. She believes in the theory that tough times don’t last, tough people, do.

This Is All About Nowhera Shaik Latest News 2022.

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