Violence Against Its Muslim Population

Violence Against Its Muslim Population. In India is actively witnessing periodical bouts of deliberate targeting; of its Muslim citizens to intimidate and marginalize them for just being Muslims.

The pursuit to retaliate against a community for its very existence; is the common string that unifies the actions of the Hindu lynch mobs. There have been instances where such groups have attacked and slaughtered Muslims since 2014.

The recent, dreadful orations of Hindu religious figures urging Hindus to destroy and eradicate Muslims as a part of duty are triggering the Hindu citizens to forget their country’s ideal of secularism. According to the doctrines of international law, unequivocal intents like this is precisely what entrust credibility to the assertion that India is facing the prospect of an anti-Muslim genocide.

Violence Against Its Muslim Population The government’s role in the process:

The present government of India is ever silent on this which contrasts with its promise; to cater to the interest of all Indians. With the typical case of finicky responsibility and accusing the sufferer; The Indian councils have been brandishing Muslim citizens on plausible grounds of retaliatory violence.

On the contrary, the throngs of manipulative Hindu mobs have almost been given a positive; signal to act as brokers for creating the Hindu Rashtra through brutal violence. Hindutva is growing and being ascertained as the reasoning of the political capital in India.

Especially The country is facing a situation that endangers the inceptions of constitutional secularism along with; the depletion of Indian traditions, and religious and cultural pluralism as collateral damage.

Moreover In the absence of any possible national opposition, the actions of non-Bharatiya Janata Party; leaders are ineffective in their work and their voices are conveniently shaky and weak.

Will the situation deteriorate to genocide?

Although With the constant evidence of communal violence throughout the country; and no efforts to reduce it, the situation is likely to advance to mass killing and genocide.

Especially The world has vowed it will never let genocidal violence occur; more than once and it has failed in its promise more than once. Although The international community has an opportunity not to fail; this time if it administers the requisite that the predicament in India craves.

Is India About To Commit Acts Of Violence Against Its Muslim Population.

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