What is Heera Digital Gold ?

During the pandemic situation, digital gold has every possibility to turn out to be a blessing for mankind as it will allow people to have gold investments directly from their own homes. Digital gold can be bought via a phone E-Wallet such as Google Pay, Paytm, or HDFC Security. Heera Group buys an equal amount of actual Gold in the name of people who are investing and keeps it in secure lockers once an investor invests in their Digital Gold agreements. Especially With such a credit system, one can be almost sure that their gold is quite absolutely in “secure hands”. You can even just save as low as just a few hundred!!

What is Heera Digital Gold?

Heera Digital Gold, a recent venture of Heera Group of Companies led of Nowhera Shaik, has received great responses from customers. Moreover Some has urged the team to provide guidelines on how to invest in digital gold or buy physical gold in exchange of digital gold.

Although We are putting down the entire procedure to buy digital gold from Heera Digital Gold. All the necessary steps are mentioned herewith:

1. Make sure you are using the official Heera Digital Gold app. This will prevent any sort of security & privacy problems.

2. Enter your details after which the page will be directed to their website’s home-page.

3. Next choose if you want to invest in physical gold or digital gold.

Different Ways To Purchase It:

As A Physical Gold:

  • Select amount of gold: 1 gram, 5 grams or 10 grams.
  • Find the product which you want to buy and tap “Add to Cart”.
  • In the same page, towards the upper right hand corner, there is a ‘My Cart’ option. Tap to open it.
  • Especially Check the product added to the list and proceed to checkout. Enter delivery details like Name, Location, Country, Email Address, Mobile number along with some other details.
  • Next, proceed to pay the amount online. The page will get redirected to online payment portal. Enter payment mode like UPI, Net-banking Or Wallet. And finalize your order!!

As A Digital Gold:

  • You can either buy or sell digital gold. Both is possible through the same website.
  • Especially If you want to buy gold, Open ‘My Wallet’. You will find this option in the upper left corner on the home-page.
  • Next, click ‘BUY’. You will find this option highlighted with green in the page. Check the price and the amount of gold.
  • Next, tap ‘Proceed to buy’.
  • Revise the amount, price and discount. Once done revising, click ‘Proceed to Pay’.
  • If you want to sell gold,
  • Once again open “My Wallet”.
  • Click ‘SELL’ highlighted in red.
  • Check the price per unit.

Review the selling details like weight and total amount to be paid. After reviewing, click ‘Proceed to send sell request’.

Birth Of Heera Digital Gold:

So the year 2021i is about to end on a good note! Readers, we bring to your notice that Heera Group has yet again launched another grand subunit: Heera Digital Gold. Moreover Nowhera Shaik has revealed that she has high expectations for this new venture and is eager to consider feedbacks to make any possible improvements. She also stated that Heera Digital Gold would be a revolutionary change in the gold trade in India. What started as a Heera Gold back in 1997 has now successfully given way to various other units such as:

• Heera Pure Drops, Electronics, Travels & Tour, Building Material, Foodex.

What are the expected effects of Heera Digital Gold on Heera Group as a single branch?

Although Managing and maintaining the standard of service is always the highest here, in Heera Group. But the only thing that makes the venture stand out from all other competitors is their determination to be the best and always offer the best.

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