What Is Agneepath Scheme Problem

Agneepath Scheme, On 14 June, the Union Cabinet had approved an Armed Forces recruitment scheme for Indian youth. The scheme is called Agneepath. The youth selected for serving in the Indian Armed Forces under this scheme will be known as Agniveers.

Agneepath Scheme:

The Agniveers are to serve in the Indian Army for 4 years.

The government said that the Agneepath scheme will promote a youthful countenance of the Indian Armed Forces and it will provide an opportunity to the youth who are inclined to adorn themselves in the Army uniform which in turn attracts fresh talent from the society.

When it comes to the Indian Armed Forces, it will bring about a transitional shift to a more tech-savvy Armed Force which is an urgent reform to be brought about in the Armed Forces. The average age profile of the Indian Armed Forces will be reduced by 4 to 5 years with the implementation of this scheme.

The infusion of highly disciplined and inspired youth with utmost commitment to the country will immensely benefit the nation.

Clauses for Agniveers:

The youth joining the armed forces is to serve in the Indian Army for 4 years on a contractual basis. At the culmination of their term of 4 years, Agniveers will be paid with a one-time SevaNidhi package comprising their contribution of the interest thereon and equal amounts by the government including interests.

This will be exempted from income tax and there will be no gratuity or pensionary benefits.

Setbacks and protests against the scheme:

The country is witnessing outbursts in several states and thousands of people aspiring; to be in the Armed forces are on the streets along with disruptions of railways and road traffic. The scheme turns out to be damaging for the rural youth and their families. The reduced duration of service deprives the people of monetary benefits which include the pension system. People are asking the center to reconsider their scheme and bring back the old system of recruitment.

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