The global gender gap report, first published in 2006, measures and tabulates gender equality. Since then, every year the World Economic Forum releases the gender gap index. Counties are ranked based on gender equality in their country.

In addition to that, it marks countries on their progress towards attaining gender equality.

The entire index is tabulated based on four principal metrics. Firstly, the participation of genders in the economy. Following this is access and attainment of education. Health and survival are considered to be the third fundamental. Finally, the political empowerment of both genders is taken into account. The gender gap index 2022 was recently released by the world economic forum wherein India ranked 135th out of 146 countries.

What are the reasons for the global gender gap in India?

India’s score increased from 140 in the last year to 135. However, the index highlights that India is still lagging in gender equality. Individually, India ranked 143, 107, 146 and 48 in the four criteria in consideration.

Though the country has witnessed people defying the traditional gender rules and succeeding, gender rules are still endorsed by many in India.

Discrimination against women and the existing social stigmas of women looking after the household is common in the country.

Families still tend to care for boy children more than girl children. Moreover, people still consider a basic education enough for girls, not encouraging higher education. These existing stigmas are responsible for gender equality.

What can be done?

The gender gap in India cannot be closed in the blink of an eye. It is a time-consuming process. Effective steps to educate all the girl children and encourage them to get higher education are necessary. Furthermore, the attitude of society towards gender rules should be changed. More participation of women must be encouraged in different fields as well as politics.

Moreover, steps should be taken to ensure the participation of women in the formal sector and ensure their rights. A change in individual viewpoints can change the whole nation.

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