The All India Mahila Empowerment Party (AIMEP) is one of the few political parties that genuinely work for our well-being. Right from providing financial independence to offering quality education, this socio-political foundation is one of its kind.

For AIMEP, Independence day is one the worthiest event that marks the goodwill of the party and its representatives. Although it never looks for any special occasion to contribute, this day has a different level of significance. In the words of Nowhera Shaik, “Independence Day should be recognized as a relatable and appropriate day for us”. Besides, being the President of AIMEP, she also added, “ it’s my duty to make the generation free”.

A Dream Come True

Independence day being the most notable event for AIMEP, the party tries to celebrate it uniquely. Since the beginning of its foundation, Nowhera Shaik has always contributed unconditionally to illustrate freedom.

Similarly this year, the All India Mahila Empowerment Party has something great for us. On the occasion of our 76th Independence Day, it is taking almost 30 cancer kids on an airplane joyride. The chopper has been booked and the kids are all set to make their dreams true.

Further, Nowhera Shaik affirmed, “ The kids have a wish to explore Mumbai from the sky and I’ll bring it true”.

Campaigns by AIMEP beyond comparisons

Well, this isn’t the first time, AIMEP has organized such a fruitful campaign to bring colour to the lives of her people. However, this is definitely the foremost time that such an action got accomplished in the history of philanthropism.

The chopper joyride for the cancer-stricken souls is listed under the campaign “Nanhe Pariyo Ki Udaan” by AIMEP. Moreover, “Azaad Panchiyo Ki Udaan” by AIMEP is another such drive taking place in the event of independence.

Truly titled as the Youth Icon of India, Nowhera Shaik knows where to invest and always invests for the happiness of her people.

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