The National President of AIMEP planned for an Airplane joy ride for around 30 youngster cancer patients on 16th of August 2022.The ride is termed as ‘Nanhe Pariyo Ki Udaan’ or ‘Azaad Panchiyo Ki Udaan’. Based on a report “The youngsters are being discussed to have a fantasy to investigate Mumbai from the sky which indeed came true” Their dream finally came true.

Dr. Shaik being adequately caring to bring their fantasies into the real world took forward steps to get this planned. The kids found a mother in Nowhera Shaik. They could not hold their smiles.

A successful Joy Ride

Needless to say, the Joy ride was successful in bringing broad smile to the tiny faces of the youngsters. Dr. Nowhera Shaik always tries to fill colours to her nation’s lives.  She exclaimed, “It is my commitment to fill in their lives with the shade of rapture.” The tiny tots returned to the ground with lots of laughter and happiness. Their genuine smiles bought satisfaction to Dr. Shaik as well.

Really named as the youthful symbol of India, Nowhera Shaik knows where to contribute and consistently contributes for the joy of her kin. She is the only person to do such an act of kindness.

The happy faces

In an interview Nowhera Shaik exclaimed, “Seeing them happy made me happy as well. I will cherish this memory and always try to do more such things in future.”   Dr. Nowhera Shaik, the iron lady of Indian business has seen hardships since she was a toddler. That is what made her take this huge step for the well-being of these youngster patients. Few of the young patients came around after the ride to give a hug to their new mother, Dr. Shaik. AIMEP look towards kids undeniably more than another party in India.

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