Muslim Freedom Fighters Indian freedom is not a tale of differences. It is a tale of unity. A tale that resonates with the concept of unity in diversity. In these highly opposite times where religion and politics have been mix into a unit, the freedom struggle of India tells us how an inclusive movement led to freedom. The freedom fighters did not distinguish themselves based on their religion.  Let us take a look at the Muslim freedom fighters who fought for their motherland.

Freedom Fighters

  1. Maulana Abdul Kalama Azad – He was a true patriot. Both his pre and post-independence era contribution to Indian liberation is something that the coming ages must keep in mind. He was an architect of secular politics and communal harmony. 
  2. Badruddin Tyabji – The first Indian Muslim President of Indian National Congress, the first barrister from Bombay and the first Indian Chief Justice of Bombay, he has many wings to her feather. He insisted more Muslims join the mainstream national movement to fight against the British.
  3. Sharfuddin Ketchell – He was firmly against Jinnah’s two-nation theory. Moreover he never supported the idea of a separate nation for Muslims.
  4. Asaf Ali – He fought many legal battles against the British and bailed many Indian freedom strugglers. Especially he participated very strongly in the ‘Quit India’ movement. He even fought a case for Bhagat Singh.
  5. Begum Hazrat Mahal – When it came to Muslim women participation in the freedom movement of India, the women were no less than the men. She was the wife of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, the last Nawab of Awadh who was exclude to Bengal by the British. She led a rebel force and captured Lucknow for 10 months. Moreover she was an iron lady who did not fear anything.

Moreover the list of Muslim freedom fighters will go on. Especially this never-ending list includes many names like Peer Ali, Abadi Banu Begum, Khan Abdul Gaffer Khan or the frontier Gandhi and many more.

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