The campaign “Nanhe Pariyo Ki Udaan” by AIMEP held on the 16th of August, 2022 was a massive success. The kids who got a chance to be a part of it were not just happy but emotionally fulfilled. Dr. Nowhera Shaik being the main lead of such an insightful campaign dedicated immensely to make this joy ride worthy. Her zeal and focus to make her people smile again broke records. Besides, she addressed the cancer-stricken souls like normal beings and gave her best to bring joy to their lives.

Following this, Dr. Shaik expressed her gratitude and exclaimed, “ My dream is to fulfil the dreams of my children”.

The Success of Airplane Joyride by AIMEP

Just after the completion of the event, an interview with the Cancer Patients Aid Organization was scheduled. In that conversation, it stated, “ We are extremely happy to be a part of AIMEP’s social campaign”. Further, they added, “ Our kids wouldn’t have been luckier to find a mother like Nowhera Shaik “.

The 30 kids who got a chance to explore Mumbai from the sky considered themselves to be blessed. Moreover, they also promised to keep fighting and believe in the power of optimism.

Thus, taking lessons from the journey of Nowhera Shaik the cancer kids started a new chapter of their lives.

Nowhera Shaik breaks record

Well, it was the first time in the history of philanthropism that such a campaign was designed and executed fruitfully. Despite being the first social campaign organized by AIMEP, this event was genuinely special. With the motive of providing freedom to the diseased, the representatives of AIMEP dedicated all their hardwork to this.

Further, the event was conducted without any publicity or external political influence. Planned primarily for humanitarian causes the chopper joyride brought back colours to the lives of the cancer kids. Inspired by the event of Independence Day, the campaign was also titled as “Azaad Panchiyo Ki Udaan”.

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