Heera Group International

Heera Group International, The Heera Group is writing history; daily and now they are to write the biggest history in the company’s two-decade history. The company have always been a reliable brand by the old customers and the count is increasing day by day. The amazing craftsmanship of the company is proving to be profitable for them as foreign investors; are getting interested more and more in investing in the new upcoming ventures of the company.

International Heera Group The Origins Of The Concept:

The company have been working in their own country for over two decades and they have nothing to prove here in India as more than seventy-five per cent of the 1.3 billion Indians have trusted the brand leaving behind several ‘huge’ names. Nowhera Shaik the CEO of the company got the idea that it was high time to expand the business. The idea mainly came when Ms Shaik was felicitated by the honorable government of the UAE. Ms Shaik had no idea of how huge the market is there in Dubai. 

Especially After she saw the scenario, she decided to change the scenario; of the Indian Conglomerate Industries by bringing it to international exposure. The products were thus made to target international audiences more than the national ones.

The Conclusion:

Although, for this venture, a list of products was selected. It included some tourism plans, food outlets, malls and the digital gold. Heera Digital gold made the maximum impact on the international; audience due to its easy to choose a policy and the highly affordable price charts. There’s a huge demand for golden products there in Dubai. Moreover It has been reportedly informed that several Famous merchants are interested; in investing in digital gold and wants to have a sector or the business there in Dubai.

Moreover Shaik was always rejected with her business plans in her; initial days as people believed she could not do anything and today her business is going overseas. She’s happy and enthusiastic to work at an international level and is determined to give her best. 

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