Nowhera Shaik: The almighty woman who never gives up

One of many great deeds of Nowhera Shaik includes the political party All India Mahila Empowerment Party (AIMEP) which is founded by Nowhera Shaik and is widely recognized for its worth. She is only 48 and has already established herself as a successful entrepreneur. Her hard work and magnanimous nature often pays off.


Once you’ll learn of her achievements you’ll fumble before her and your respect for her would triple. She has created the Heera Group which had already  attained the Growing India Company Execellence Award, in 2013. She has also achieved from Union Minister Smriti Irani the ‘Vishishta Mahila Ratna Samman’. The manner in which she rose up her career graph in the circumstances she was is truly inspiring and impressive.

AIMEP’S objective:

Nowhera Shaik being, who she is, would not allow the women of our country who aspire to achieve anything beyond a man’s imagination to give up in vain. She wants our country to know what our women are actually capable of. Her conviction tells her that women should never feel threatened to claim what’s theirs, rather clench their opportunities and rights on their own two feet. AIMEP is not just a random political party, its primary objective is to guide our women to the best future they could behold.

The Heera Group of Company:

To identify her integrity and her sincerity at work one must track the record of The Heera Group. The various branches of the company deals in reliable products at a reasonable price. To her supporters and her customers, the entire staff and employees she is very appreciative, the company has always and will always try their best at prioritizing their customers.

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