Nowhera Shaik And Her Life Story That Influences Millions

She has now finally seen how tough life can be as a novice businesswoman whole India can be. It has a reason that since eternity, she stood loving as well as very humble to each and everyone whom she comes in contact. With all the heavy glorious fame  and immense wealth she had at her final disposal, Nowhera Shaik has finally decided to do a certain thing that would in a way benefit everyone those who are in need of economical support.

Nowhera Shaik and Philanthropy

Speaking of this, she choose the life of a simple philanthropist. She also build  her own basic foundation for further education as well as the welfare of women , she also donated huge amount of her precious wealth to many NGOs as well as camps,  and also entitled merely 2% of her whole company’s annual profit to donate economical helps to all the farmers and peasants of different places.

She had also told that in spite of many reasons, she promised to always try her level best in donating for those needy and irrespective of the rumours about her, she has her rational followers and the almighty to rely upon and look forward to for hands of help.

Economic history of India and her influence

Talking of the year 1947, since then after India snatched the independence, it is disreputed for its immensely low ratio women entrepreneurs as well as businesswomen compared to the males. Miss Shaik, being the CEO of the Heera Group, is one of the Asia’s largest chain of companies as well as start-ups and the president of the AIMEP, took the whole world by revolution when she captured whole of the Indian Market as the Nation’s first ever fully self-made woman billionaire.

Being an famous entrepreneur, Miss Shaik had to face a lot of criticism and rumours initially, but as time has flown the things started to progress, she is now slowly but with utmost surety  managed to build up a huge lot of loyal and rational followers. Ms. Nowhera Shaik dedicates all of her sky touching success and fame to these loving supporters who stood beside her through thick and thin during the  times of crisis.

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