Indian Celebrities In Politics

Indian Celebrities In Politics. Celebrities and politics are very closely intertwined in India. Through time, there have been several instances of celebrities using their fame to achieve political propaganda. Celebrities may be from sports backgrounds or movie and music industry superstars, we have witnessed celebrities representing political parties or running elections. Celebrities have always constituted a major part of Indian politics since celebrity influence can do a lot more than just mobilizing voters. Significant numbers of celebrities are seen taking part in parliamentary and state elections, which is not a new scene. Celebrities including Bollywood and Tollywood stars, cricketers, Olympic champions, musicians and other influencers have been seen in Politics for decades.

How do celebrities influence people in politics?

Political parties in India are becoming increasingly concerned about inducing celebrities into their parties. Any political party that desires to come to power tries to win the confidence of influential celebrities since they in turn influence people. Common people find their role models supporting political parties which directly influences them to do the same in maximum cases. Celebrities do not need to familiarize themselves with the masses and people are influenced by them, which affects their voting. Political parties use their already established bond with the masses to reduce the need for campaigns. They target celebrities with a large following base for their front. It is also seen that these celebrities join and represent parties under threat; All of this concludes to ineffective working and waste of posts.

What must be the actual scenario?

Politics should be open to everyone and none should be forced to join it. Though there have been numerous examples of celebrities being successful politicians, there are numerous instances of the contrary. Celebrities joining politics should try to effectively indulge in their work and be prompt and accountable to the general masses. In most cases, celebrities do not understand the ground reality of the general society. Celebrities should not jump into politics without any particular ideology and just use their fame for power concentration. Since people expect a lot from them, celebrities should understand and be responsible in their work in politics.

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