Heat Wave Prone Areas In India

Heat Wave Prone Areas In India. It has been enduring a high rise in its temperatures since the end of March. The weather conditions have been scorching in the north, northeastern and western parts of India throughout April. The India Meteorological Department (IMD), presented its statistical data stating that the average; maximum temperature for April stands at 35.7 degrees Celsius. This year’s April temperature is the highest in the last five years. It also stated that the climate of Northwestern India which was almost touching the 40-degree Celsius; In April, the temperature reached its highest point in 122 years.

If the temperature of a place climbs not less than 4.5 degrees above the normal; the temperature being around 40 degrees, a heatwave is acknowledged in the area. A temperature no less than 6.4 degrees above normal is considered a severe heatwave; wherein the maximum temperature rises above 47 degrees.

Numerous states of India have been invariably withstanding unexpected high temperatures from Uttar Pradesh; Punjab and Rajasthan in the west to Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha and West Bengal. Even the northern states like Himachal Pradesh have logged higher temperatures than usual.

The IMD says that these charring circumstances may prevail till the next week unless; The wet western disturbances bring rainfall to the north and northwestern parts of India.

Consequences of the Heat Wave Prone Areas In India and its People:

Research led by the India Meteorological Department states; that the number of demises due to the increasing intensity of heat waves has increased up to 62%. Over 50 years, extreme weather conditions have slain more than 17,000 people in India.

Most of the Indian states record high humidity along with high temperatures leading to distress, dehydration and death.

Efforts taken to counter the heatwave:

Deft weather forecasting systems have issued a warning of rising temperatures and a heatwave. The state governments have announced holidays in schools and some of the state administrations have affirmed financial; compensation recompense in case of demises due to heatwaves.

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