Eid-Al-Fitr Wishes From Nowhera Shaik

Eid-Al-Fitr Wishes From Nowhera Shaik to the entire Heera Group team spread all around the Globe. The occasion of Eid-Al-Fitr symbolizes the completion of Ramadan month and is also renowned as the celebration of Breaking the Fast”. Trillions of Muslims residing all around the world would congregate with their family and close ones; and be a part of daylight prayers, offering help for the sake of social service, and gathering in big eateries together.

 While Eid is the commemoration of Allah, it is also a chance to ponder over the holy month of Ramadan and; all the beautiful prospects of people’s lives. Many warm wishes were also propagated from the Heera Group to all of its supporters, and it hopes this Eid brings along with it peace and satisfaction to the whole humanity.

Eid-Al-Fitr Wishes From Nowhera Shaik To Heera Group Family:

The restrictions on having food and drinking liquids for the whole day during Ramadan; is too rapid to remind everyone how blessed they are to have the freedom of choice to eat and drink whenever they feel like.  During Eid, families will give each other gifts, go to big malls, and give food to the underprivileged ones. Eid, which means “gala”, is a three-day occasion of splendour and pomp for the boons of our everyday life. Heera Group has given a whole week of holiday to its employees.

To Muslims, Eid is showing gratitude to Allah for giving them the courage; to abstain from freely eating and drinking and to be able to practice flexibility and self-resistance. In our daily life, people often take their health for granted. Ramadan for many people is a call to look after themselves; to take plenty of rest and to eat merrily in the evenings. Fasting is not at all an easy job and Eid is a occasion for not only having the courage to do this, but also of the boon of health.

Happy times Ahead

Moreover happy times await Heera Group very soon, hence it will soon begin to give profits to all the shareholders. Nowhera Shaik is grateful to Almighty Allah and all her supporters for having faith in her.

Heartful Eid-Al-Fitr Wishes From Nowhera Shaik.

By Manish

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  1. […] Nowhera Shaik has always supported people when they are in need. She has kept on supporting everyone in every other way possible. This is one such way she is offering her gratitude to Allah. The evidence that she is on the right path is that even; after facing a lot of alarming hurdles in her life, she could overcome them all. She has supported everyone in need and has always raised her voice about the problems of women’s representation and upliftment. She is a person, many people look up to for motivation, both as a human and an able businesswoman. […]

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