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Mamata Banerjee, After smashing down the BJP wave in Bengal and winning with more than two-thirds majority in West Bengal, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is all set to diversify her party outside Bengal. She has already started her operations in the states of Tripura and Goa, which are going to face their assembly elections in the coming year!

A few days back, the Trinamool Congress breached the state of Tripura which was once considered to be a secured state for Communists and later electorally won by BJP. Mamata Banerjee is highly ambitious for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. After her win in the 2021 Bengal Assembly polls, she is way more confident than ever!

He was a sitting Congress MLA at the time of his induction. Another independent MLA has been inducted into TMC.

Mamata Banerjee is to visit the state of Goa on 28th October. She will go there for a 2-day visit. On Twitter, she has urged other political parties to join hands with TMC to defeat BJP. According to Banerjee, she has urged all the parties to come together to shatter BJP’s ‘divisive politics.

Interestingly She is becoming increasingly popular in national politics because of her fierce nature. She has already started expanding her party in other states outside Bengal.

Many political analysts believe that Mamata Banerjee is trying hard to be the opposition to Narendra Modi led BJP party! But will she be able to make any significant impact by allying with Congress?

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