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I am Aam Aadmi New Punjab Chief Minister

Punjab new Chief Minister, Charanjit Singh Channi, broke down in tears today as he congratulated his Congress party for electing “an aam aadmi (ordinary man)” to the top job. He declared the first of the party’s electoral promises, a water bill waiver for the needy, right after taking the oath in front of the media.

“I’m the aam aadmi, and ironically I’m sitting here listening to other parties talk and discuss the aam aadmi. The aam aadmi Sarkar is the person who represents the common man. Moreover Mr Channi, accompanied by Punjab Congress chairman Navjot Singh Sidhu and in-charge Harish Rawat, said; “It has to take a lot of decisions for Punjab.”

He choked up when he described Rahul Gandhi as a “revolutionary leader” for rallying behind him.

Moreover Rahul Gandhi attended the inauguration, apologizing for his choice of Punjab in the face of widespread criticism.

Although “I am a voice for the average guy, the farmer, and the oppressed people. I am not a wealthy representative. Don’t come to me if you’re doing sand mining or other criminal activities. The new Chief Minister remarked, “I am not your representation.”

Charanjit Chinni Dig At AAP

Especially “Amarinder Singh has done good work. I will complete all of Captain’s (Amarinder Singh’s) unfinished work;” Mr Channi promised, promising to exempt the underprivileged from water fees.

“Party is supreme,” he added. The party will make decisions, and the government will carry them out.” As Congress prepares for the Punjab election early next year, Mr Channi has only four months to fulfil his pledges. The top priority on his agenda would be to complete the 18-point Congress checklist of unmet election pledges that Amarinder Singh is accused of failing to address.

Especially the Congress is increasingly becoming insignificant in most of the states in India. With Congress losing its power, the regional parties are doing better in terms of election results. Finally The upcoming elections are a litmus test to test the significance of Congress in today’s India!

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