Jute Industry

Jute Industry. To begin with, the large iron gates at the ingress of the century-old jute mills on both edges of the river Hooghly are forbidding. They incline to indicate the mood of the area, during elections, signboards of competing political parties are affixed to these gates.  The people of this area, which has observed terrible rampage and fervent political skirmish during the 2019 Lok Sabha and 2021 Assembly polls. 

Crisis hails in homes that work for jute run mills in West Bengal

For instance, mill workers saw the notice waiting for them on January 1, 2022 on the large yellow painted gate of the Gondalpara Jute Mill. This sprawling mill is located near Chandannagar, on the western bank of the river. Without power on a hot day, a young couple, Kanai Shaw and Renu Shaw, sat inside their small cubicle-like quarters. Renu rocked her five-month-old son, lounging on the hammock, to sleep, while her four-year-old daughter ate a thrifty lunch. A skeletal Renu said her husband had been out of work for the past few months. The family was starving and helpless due to the frequent closure of the jute mills, their only source of livelihood and income.

Frequent Suspension Of Works In Jute Mills That Halts Improvement Of The Jute Industry:

Meanwhile, though suspension of work is no new phenomenon, recent months have been especially difficult. Between November 2021 and April 2022, at least 12 mills along both the banks of the river downed; their shutters, putting 60,000 workers out of jobs in one fell swoop. The workers of Reliance Jute Mill on the eastern bank and Gondalpara Jute Mill; on the western bank all outmoded their jobs when this decision was taken. West Bengal Labor Minister Becharam Manna publicly applauded the workers of the jute industry. Suggested To Read A Pandit Was Killed In Kashmir One Of The Latest News; A Part From Jute Industry In West Bengal Is Hanging On A Thread.

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