The Heera Group has a new announcement for the investors who invested in their company. The claimers who have claimed to receive interest money from the Heera Group will be given their respective amount of money by the end of the holy month of Ramzan. The announcement was made after the Supreme Court gave its long-awaited hearing regarding the situation of the Heera Group.  

The court cleared Heera Group of many allegations that were laid on them. The interim bail was withdrawn as she was given full bail from the jail. The court had appointed the CBI and other Government lead investigation agencies that investigated the case. Those agencies were withdrawn and the whole case has been undertaken by the Serious Fraud Investigation Office SFIO.  

Mrs. Shaik is really happy as she told that justice was given to Heera Group and it is a big win for them. The company generally has a profit-loss revenue business model where the investment amount is doubled. Several investors started with money of one lakh and now they are the owner of an amount worth sixty lakhs! The application of the request for the claims was made through WhatsApp messages which were directly checked by the CEO herself. It was found out that many of the claimers were frauds and were asking for illegitimate money. So the Heera Group took a new strategy. To apply for the money the investors need to have three things with them namely the IBG number, the receipt of the bank account, and the customer receipt from the company. In absence of any of these documents, the person will not be given any money and further will be referred to the SFIO. About 87 properties of the Heera Group were given back to the company after it was proved that they are indeed the property of the company.  

The Heera Group can now sell the properties and use the money to fulfill the claims. Although, if not required the Heera Group will not sell any extra properties. Thousands of investors have already received their money and many others will receive it before the end of the month. 

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