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Amazon Prime membership offer has increased by Rupees 500 in India. The giant agency announced its change of pricing. All of the monthly, quarterly and yearly plans have increased. Moreover The pricing of the plans has increased almost by 50%. Due to this reason, the change in monthly and quarterly plans are not that significant as that of the yearly plans.

Although Amidst the festive season in India, Amazon Prime announced it on its official page. Though the pricing has not yet been effective soon it is going to be effective. Although Amazon Prime subscription offers many plans with it.

Moreover, the company released a statement stating that Amazon Prime which launched its business in India, 5 years back has valued its members adequately for the 5 years in terms of entertainment. Both Amazon Prime and Netflix have initiated the concept of web series in India. The market of web series has surged in these years and now is not only restricted to a particular age range but is distributed over a huge range.

Especially Many films and web series have been released under the banner of Amazon Prime. The youth is particularly attached to this platform. Moreover An increase in its price range is sure going to affect the existing market.

The Amazon Prime, old and new prices are listed below

 Old PriceNew Price
MonthlyRs 129Rs 179
QuarterlyRs 329Rs 459
AnnuallyRs 999Rs 1499

Especially the price list has only been updated by the company on their support page. As you can see, it is the annual plan that has shown a significant jump in its pricing!

One more factor that is on focus is whether the pricing of all platforms will increase with the increase in pricing of Amazon Prime!

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