An Entrepreneur To Some And Savior To Many Is Nowhera Shaik

An Entrepreneur To Some, One common assumption, or rather misconception about entrepreneurship is that it’s a one way ticket to success. People boldly assume that it takes one absolutely no skill whatsoever to become a successful entrepreneur. Well that’s simply wrong.

An Entrepreneur To Some:

To become a successful entrepreneur, one must undergo numerous ordeals and trials throughout the course of their journey to success. It is only after years of hard work and diligence that one can truly master the art of entrepreneurship.

In fact, many people consciously shun entrepreneurship because of the dangers involved, the enormous amount of responsibility, the lack of a true work–life balance, and the fact that, at the end of the day, you are responsible for every blunder or mistake.

Such a task is even more difficult in third world countries where the competition is simply too great to keep up with. Yet, despite all that, one woman took the world by storm when she single-handedly formed one of Asia’s largest conglomerates all by herself.

How Nowhera Shaik Influenced The Lives Of Millions Across India:

The founder of The Heera Group, Miss Nowhera Shaik, is one of India’s most successful business tycoons ever. As India’s first billionaire woman entrepreneur, she has single-handedly proven the; narrow stereotypical concept that woman can not be successful businessman.

Under her leadership, the Heera Group of Companies has established it’s control over numerous; market domains such as textile, travel and tourism, banking, gold investing and many more. Apart from being a highly successful entrepreneur, Nowhera Shaik is also one of a large heart. She constantly takes part in philanthropic activities as well.

She believes that it is her responsibility and god’s will that she does all in her power; alleviate the condition of the women in India. Apart from building numerous educational institutions for the underprivileged, the company’s profits are used to help underprivileged female students with their books, school clothing, and hostel bills. Apart from academic assistance, the organization contributes 2% of its profits to local farmers, and much more!

Moreover Nowhera Shaik Is An Entrepreneur To Some And Savior To Many.

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