Marriage Age In India 2022

Marriage Age In India 2022, the legal marriage age for marriage was 18 years for women; and 21 years for men. The government of India recently raised the legal marriage age of women to 21 years. The bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha at the end of the year 2021; but it failed to pass due to the opposition. But after a second parliamentary assessment, the bill was passed at the beginning of 2022. This meant that the law applied to all the women population in India irrespective of their religious choice. This decision of the government has both its advantages and disadvantages which apply to the society as a whole.

The Pros Of Marriage Age In India 2022 Law:

With the majority of the Indian society still under the patriarchal mind-set; raising the legal age of marriage for women makes sure that most of the population of women. Continue their study rather than drop out early due to familial pressure and marry in Indian society. This will increase the number of women pursuing higher education. Also, completing higher education will lead to independent sources of income for that woman, making her self-sufficient.

Furthermore, this will reduce the health issues in women commonly occurring due to early marriages like teenage pregnancies; and overwhelming mental health issues with teenage brides. This is also a step up towards gender neutrality; wherein the legal age has become the same for both men and women.

The Cons Of This Law:

Child marriages still occur throughout parts of India despite the laws in action to prevent it, mostly in the suburbs.

Moreover, Indian women marry at more than 21 years of age; in most urban areas according to surveys, making this a voluntary change. Overall, this law just facilitates improved educational system access.

The main solution lies in creating awareness in the entire Indian community about the importance of education; among women and giving them the right to choose their partners at the right time of their life.

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