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Nowhera Shaik is a lady who has not only faced the hardest obstacles but has also mustered up the courage to face and overcome them. She deserves recognition all around the world. No matter how many times the world has tried to put her down she has risen, more powerful and determined than ever before. Can you imagine how much the story of the lady whose influence itself has opened doors for ambitious women to come out of their houses can motivate them to realize their dreams?

 The Heera Group of Companies

One daring step if planned and executed well can always transform a person’s reality. This is what we deduce if we talk about the creation and success of the Heera Group of Companies. When Nowhera started this project she was inexperienced and without much support. But she channelized her skills and hard work in the right path and as a result, this company spread its branches with the utmost rapidity and consistency. The other branches like Heera Tours & Travels, Heera Electronics Heera Developers, Heera Pure Drops, Heera Textiles, and many more. During this covid situation, The Heera Group has successfully developed their first online podium enterprise – Heera Deals. Their products are highly dependable and user-friendly.

False charges against Nowhera

The Enforcement Directorate [ED] had put up scam charges against, the creator and CEO of the popular Heera Group, Nowhera Shaik, on the grounds of a treachery case. They aimed to completely devastate not just her work life but also her support to the needy society. However, as says the old proverb  ” Truth never remains hidden.”

She was proved to be innocent of all the charges in the Supreme Court.

In the Honour of this Noble Woman

Ram Gopal Varma, a well-known director of all times has rightly identified the jewel that she is. He aspires to portray the life of this noble lady on the big screen to propagate the message to all the struggling men and women alike to continue dreaming and working hard.

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