nowhera shaik

Nowhera Shaik is like a living legend. She is leaving behind a huge legacy whose vacuum will be difficult to be filled up. Born in a very poor family, she understood the real value of money from a very young age. She exactly knew what poverty meant and how it controlled the lives of thousands of people in this country. She was ambitious but one thing that had always motivated her to work harder was the urge within her that voiced that, “Unless I am financially successful myself, I will never be able to reach a position where I may help thousands.”

This mantra has always motivated her to move forward in life and achieve her goals so that thousands of girls like her get a voice of their own. A representation that matters! Nowhera Shaik’s achievements deserve a separate article to be recognized but a place where she has outdone every other entrepreneur is her contributions towards society.

The way she has contributed towards the development of society is just undeniable! She is a superwoman who has gone from one point of her career to the other and has left a mark everywhere she has been.

Nowhera Shaik life struggle is humongous. The way she has managed to win over all the situations is also no less than a miracle. She is not only an entrepreneur. The magnitude of good works she has done in society is innumerable. She has built roads, hospitals, colleges, schools, medical centres in the villages and whatnot. She is truly the people’s person and has created an empire of hers that is not only magnificent but also incredibly firm. Her legacy will continue for ages to come and leave behind a huge impact on the upcoming entrepreneur’s mind.

By Ashish

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