e-RUPI is essentially a digital voucher that a beneficiary receives by SMS or a QR code on his smartphone. He or she may use the pre-paid voucher to purchase goods or services at any location that accepts it. The e-RUPI voucher can be redeemed using this one-time contactless, cashless payment method without the need for a card, a digital wallet, or online banking.

e-RUPI – How does it work?

The digital coupon will be sent to the consumers’ mobile devices as a QR code or SMS string. This voucher can be used by users without the need of a card, internet banking, or digital payment app. The national payments corporation of India created this digital payment platform on its UPI platform.

The Department of Financial Services, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, and the National Health Authority are the cooperating partners. Through this programme, the service sponsor will be in touch with the recipients and service providers. There won’t be any form of physical contact, and the link will remain intact digitally.

What are its advantages?

The advantages of welfare programmes can be fully tapped into with the help of the e-RUPI digital payment system. It is specific to the person and the purpose. The beneficiaries’ cash is not used appropriately under the current direct benefit transfer system. They are unable to utilise the coupon for any other reason than what is specified through the voucher system.

One of the key differences between e-RUPI and other digital payment methods is that it does not require the beneficiary to have a bank account. It enables a simple, contactless two-step redemption process that does not necessitate disclosing personal information. More importantly , because e-RUPI works on basic phones as well, it may be utilised by people without smartphones or in locations without internet access.

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