It has been a while since a significant regional battle put the tenuous state of peace in which we currently find ourselves in danger. The horrors of war and the remembrance and lessons that were the jaded fruits of the deeds of monstrous must not be overlooked. The world has become more peaceful since the Cold War ended, and the groundwork for lasting peace has been laid. However, the Cold War repeatedly threatened to return the world to anarchy.

The regular occurrence of minor regional wars nevertheless serves as a daily reminder that the vindictive ghost of war still presents a threat to our peaceful survival and confirms the idea that there are no winners in war—only losers.

Why is everyone at a loss?

The reality is that people from all ends of the spectrum are lost in combat and are taken by the grim reaper who turns a blind eye to any loyalty one may have. Regardless of triumph or defeat, he stays as unchanging as stone in any war in which there are two opposing factions, or perhaps more. In the end, it is all of humanity who suffers.

With the development of weapons of mass destruction, which can easily annihilate entire people, science has transformed into an even more repulsive monster. This act of tremendous savagery only helps to highlight mankind’s crimes for the cruelties perpetrated on their fellow humans for simply taking the wrong side. This return to the barbarism that characterized early civilization offers no advantages, and society is the only one to suffer as a result.

The losses are materialistic as well as emotional

Whether it is through the straightforward demolition of homes and lands by advancing forces or the forcible confiscation of property to serve the cause of the war, the destructive goals of war ultimately have to lead to a universal loss of personal property. Many unlucky individuals are left homeless and impoverished as a result, fighting a never-ending battle against disease and malnutrition that affects everyone in its path. The scourge of war leaves behind a desolate wasteland that is of no value to anyone. Common sense cannot explain the motivation behind capturing this desolation, which is frequently the major objective in battles over the territorial occupation. Even though one party may have benefited from it in the past, it is no longer useful to anyone.

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