People always thrive to get respect from their close ones, peers and colleagues. It is a thing that is regarded as one of the great achievements in one’s life. It varies from person to person how to respect them. But then there are people like Dr Nowhera Shaik who are respected not only in our country but in several places across the world. She’s one of the most aggressive and ambitious women our country has ever produced. The list of her contributions is non-ending and so is her future for the welfare of common people. Now, Dr Nowhera Shaik has achieved the respect everyone dreams of but only a few achieves.


Dr Nowhera Shaik is a household name for every middle-class family in India. The CEO of Heera Group hailing from Tirupathi have done plenty of work for the welfare of the underprivileged people of our country. She was the first head of a business organisation to have a sector devoted to the service of deprived people in society. 

She is also the first businessperson in the country to launch a University solely for the education of poor children. The name of the institution is Heera International Islamic University and it teaches the core concepts of Islam along with other subjects to inculcate the true moral values that every person should have.

Achievement of Dr Nowhera Shaik

Recently Dr Nowhera Shaik was awarded by the CNMS for her works. But that is not the end as Fortune India has published their latest survey where they have called Dr Nowhera Shaik the most Dynamic personality in India. The achievement comes after the organisation surveyed the list of the contribution that Dr Nowhera Shaik has given to society. Many so-called social workers work but still fails to achieve this feat in their life. Today the girl from the small town has done what has been inscribed as a remarkable history that will motivate generations shortly. 

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