Nowhera Shaik’s journey has many things to learn from

A single girl from the streets of Tirupati is today ruling the global business markets. Nowhera Shaik’s journey is no less than a movie script. If we look at her journey, be it her personal or professional, the one word that constantly comes to our mind is, ‘Fighter!’ Nowhera Shaik is a fighter this generation has a lot to learn from.

The way she has handled crises and turned them to her advantageous side is a clear mark of a very sensitive and calculative person. Her business enterprise the Heera Group of Companies has flourished in course of time and is flourishing now as well.

Heera Mart is being opened as its two new branches are being launched. In future perhaps, the number will rise and rise! For Nowhera Shaik, it is never stopping back. She will face every difficult situation but will never defer from the tract of righteousness.

Things to learn from her story

Courage can overcome everything. She dared to fight all the hurdles that came her way and this is probably the reason she has been able to overcome all the hurdles.

To every young girl who thinks that they are not enough, she is a legendary figure who has proved that with determination even the simplest of all the simple people can conquer the world. Nowhera Shaik’s entire journey, be it her business journey or her journey in politics has never been easy. Rather it has been extremely rough. But she has sailed through all of it with determination and strong will.

She has taught the entire generation of girls that ‘they’ are enough! She has given them courage and determination to stand on their own feet and be independent. She is brave woman who has designed her journey, her own way.

By Aditya

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