Nowhera Shaik

Nowhera Shaik 2017, formation of All India Mahila Empowerment Party. A sudden foray into politics. Many were left aback by her decisions. They were genuinely concerned about the future of her company which she was putting at stake by entering politics. But she listened to none. It was her intention not to win but to shake the system. The system had got rusted with corruption and malpractices. She wanted a new landscape of faith and hope for the ones who have no voices and privilege. The ones whom she loved and guided like her own kin!

So, it can be many things but not something calculated! Is it wrong for a sensible citizen of this country to think of establishing a political party that will look into the matters of the voices who are muffled by the big boots? Is it wrong for a human to think about the voices of women who have had suffered and is still suffering in the hands of patriarchy? Or is it wrong for Nowhera Shaik to think of shaking the very system which is run by corruptive forces?

Nowhera Shaik – an indomitable spirit!

To shake a system takes a lot of courage. Nowhera Shaik is one such woman of wonders who had at least instilled a fear of uncertainty among the ‘Kingmakers’ of the state of Andhra Pradesh legislative party. The person whose main agenda was to divide the people in the name of religion and ask for votes was taken aback by her confidence and charm!

It was a properly planned fiasco that the big sharks had planned to ruin her career but genuinely could not fathom her spirit and now is completely defeated by her success. Nowhera Shaik is just not a person, she is an inspiration for thousands.

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