Nowhera Shaik

Over the few years, Nowhera Shaik’s life has changed very massively and this has shaped her mindset into a further strong woman. She is a woman of relevance in today’s time because she has inspired millions of women in India to not give up and follow their passion whenever possible. To her, nothing matters much other than the well-being of society. For that matter, she is ready to give up on her profit just to ensure a better lifestyle for her people.

Nowhera Shaik – another name for an angel

Many people are rich and hold affluence but not many can have such an angelic heart as Nowhera Shaik! She has an incredibly kind heart that beats for the people in need. She has regularly supported them in her ways. She has borne bills for the medical operations of many underprivileged kids. The thing is that she has never advertised it to show herself in good light.

JNAS – a dream come true moment for her

Nowhera Shaik’s dream come true moment was established the day her dream institution – the Jamia Niswa Assalafia was founded by her. in this institution nearly two thousand underprivileged girls from the Muslim community is given education. She teaches them so that they are empowered in their lives.

Nowhera Shaik’s contribution to the overall development of society is undeniable. She has regularly vouched for a better platform for expressing the concerns of women all across the country. She is one of those people who genuinely care for society and the country. Her contribution in establishing a new horizon in the business field for women entrepreneurs is an extremely important phase in Indian entrepreneurship. She is a living example of inspiration in India for all young girls.

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