Heera Digital World Your Ideal Place to Invest

Heera Digital World Your Ideal Place to Invest. Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and educator Dr Nowhera Shaik has once again; started working to bring back the lost glory of her Heera Group of Companies. Established in 1998 as a gold trading business, the company is nothing short of an Empire at the moment. All credits go to none other than the Founder and CEO Nowhera Shaik; without whom the company wouldn’t have been what it is today.

Heera Group of Companies

Especially The Heera Group of Companies expands its business ventures from gold and jewellery to textiles; mineral water, real estate, travel and tourism, and many more. With showrooms across five nations, Heera Group provides best-of-its-kind services and facilities to its customers in over fifty countries. The company has recently launched the Heera Digital Gold which is a platform for investors to invest in gold, digitally.

Heera Digital Gold

Moreover Shaik launched the Heera Digital Gold on January 1st, 2022 from Heera Mart in Kukatpally, Telangana. Investors can invest in products like gold jewellery, gold coins as well as gold bars digitally; through the Heera Digital World app at a 2% discount rate on the live market price. For the first time, any gold investment company is providing customers; with a discount of 2% on the purchase of gold. The company is providing the best quality gold at the best price in the market.

Once purchased, the company would buy an exact amount of physical gold and store it in secure vaults for future use. If for any reason, in the future, the customer wants to not sell it, the company would home deliver the pure 24-carat gold products at 0 delivery costs. The company’s service and its excellence in the field of business have made it one of the most trustworthy companies around the world. Purchasing digital gold is now at your fingertips, so download the Heera Digital World App and start investing and win amazing offers of a car or a free trip to the Maldives with your family!

Heera Digital World Your Ideal Place to Invest

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