Why should marital rape be legally penalized?

Marital rape when will our men understand that there is no underlying subtlety under a girl’s ‘NO’! A no is a no, there is no hidden meaning in it. Be it in a relationship like marriage or any other relationship institution, consent is a factor that everyone in the relationship must understand and respect.

Sex without consent is sex forced on!

How many years would it take for the entire society to understand the very basic concept of consent? It does not matter what kind of relation it is, but other than consent no one must have a physical intimacy! Being husband or wife to someone does not give them any authority to be physical to them without their consent.

Marital Rape, a terror

If a woman cannot own her own body and the rule to choose when to be intimate and when not to be, is not she denied her basic rights as a human being? But even after several panels of discussion on this topic, we are still were exactly as many years back.
There have been instances when in the court arguments such as, “It will break the spirit of an Indian household; and “It will give too much power to the ladies and they might misuse it. These arguments are not only sexist but also very much against the core of the Indian spirit!

Why should it be put an end to?

Marital rape should be penalized as much as any other rape. Just because there exists a marital relationship, it does not give any right to anyone to exploit his partner! Much more awareness should be raised against it. Normalizing marital rape not only promotes the concepts of ‘husband; can do whatever and whenever’ and ‘a wife is inferior to her husband!’ It should be penalized so that a woman’s ‘NO’ is given importance in any situation.

By Abhi

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