Bollywood – the entertainment industry of India which holds a lot of power to influence people in our country. Indian culture has always been a fan of hero worship. Indian film stars especially are often known as heroes and heroines in India. This hero-worship creates a lot of power to influence from their end. Movies are a huge source of motivation for people in society. Recently after the release of the film, Padman starring Akshay Kumar, society has somewhat become a bit more aware of women menstrual health and sanitary pads.

With power comes great responsibilities

When someone retains a huge power then there are lot more responsibilities for that person to fulfil. Bollywood films have regularly portrayed women as an object. Things are changing now but if we look at the 90’s films and the films even before that, we will notice that women were merely reduced to props and objects. Objectification of women was at its peak during that era.

In most of the films of that era, we will see the hero eve-teasing a girl in public and most disturbingly the girl thinks of it as an expression of love. In many other films, we see a woman getting physically harassed by her partner and people vilifying the girl for having done something that irked the hero!

If we get started with the dialogues of the characters, what we could see is a clear reflection of chauvinist principles dressed with the concept of values and ‘Sanskar’ in Indian societies! For the longest period, such rampant objectification of women, chauvinist ideas presented through some ‘hero and heroines’ whom people look up to have normalized many things which should not have been.

Things are changing now

Thankfully things are changing and especially with the rise of OTT platforms in India, content-based creations are being watched more. Hopefully, the brutal sexism which has been portrayed by our entertainment industry will cease to have its effect on the general public in coming times.

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