Covid Cases In Delhi In Last 24 Hours Today

Covid Cases In Delhi recorded a 13% rise in covid cases today, with 1367 fresh cases and one fatality. The positivity rate stands at 4.50% according to the data tabulated by the state bulletin.

Moreover Covid Cases In Delhi has been recording more than 1000 cases a day for six consecutive days now.

This increases the count of the affected population to 18,28,458 and the number of deaths to 26,170.

The boost in the covid cases might be a result of a large number of tests administered; as the ratio of the number of positive test results, which is the positivity rate, persists below 5%.

The Prime Minister’s Inputs On Covid Cases

Prime Minister Narendra Modi engaged via video conferencing with the chief ministers; of the states to scrutinize the covid situation in the country. He specifically emphasized treating the situation with the same; potency as it was during the initial waves of Covid in the country. He urged the states to hold their vigilance steadily.

The Prime Minister reminded the states that the threat posed by Covid has not gone away. The covid sub-variants are causing surges all over the realm. He mentioned that India was one of the nations that dealt with the Covid situation better than many governments; and these increasing Covid cases are a signal to be cautious and prudent again.

Meanwhile on an international tier

The World Health Organization (WHO) prompted every administration to maintain an oversight of the increasing Covid cases. WHO says that it is acquiring lesser and lesser data about the mutations; and sequencing due to the diminishing Covid testing rate.

For this reason, the WHO is being rendered unsighted in the ways of transmission of the new Covid strains. It said that the Covid virus is still changing, affecting and killing people; this reminds the nations that ignorance is not affordable in this scenario.

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