What would happen if World War 3 started

What would happen if World War 3 started. As tensions between the West and its adversaries, Russia and China, rise, fears of proxy warfare escalating into full-fledged armed confrontation are mounting.

Cause of the Third World War

Sources reported today that Ukraine is planning to declare a statewide state of emergency and has advised its citizens to flee Russia “despite rising hints that it was edging closer to a full-fledged war with its northern neighbour.” International scholars are concerned about a number of areas where Beijing may wish to make a military footprint during the coming decade.

The invasion of Ukraine, according to William A. Galston, ushered in the “post-Cold War era.” “The use of force is no longer necessary to settle disagreements between states,” generations of postwar Europeans have believed, according to Galston. As a result of this “growing fight,” a “crisis of European identity” will be triggered. He asked US Vice President Joe Biden to “lead without ambiguity,” stressing that “the Western alliance must bear short-term anguish to defend democracy’s future.” “A repeat of 1938” is the alternative, he claimed.

Yuliia Laputina, a former Ukrainian government minister and top intelligence officer, told sources late last year that a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine might spark “World War Three” if Putin’s military activity spread to other former Soviet countries.


Nobody knows what will happen in the aftermath, but the best guess is that a billion or so people will survive the bombs in locations not directly or indirectly harmed by the initial attacks. However, debris does not stop at borders, and even alpha particles can be harmful if consumed. Coherent government will undoubtedly be a thing of the past, and regardless of how much money or power you currently possess, it will serve you no purpose.

Finding edible foods and potable water will be the first challenges for any survivors.

The latter will be the biggest killer, because any alpha-emitting compounds in the water will slowly kill you, and if you can’t find potable water, you will die of thirst.


In other words, if we have a nuclear exchange, global overcrowding will no longer be a significant issue. We’ll be lucky if 5% of people survive a year later, and the survivor rate in some regions will be so close to zero that it may as well be. It’s not a good concept in the least. The most important shift in most people’s life will be a sudden or gradual stop. However, it will be beneficial to specific insects. They’re going to love it

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