Recent political events in India

Recent political events in India. India celebrated its 73rd Republic Day today which marks the adoption of the Constitution of India in 1950 and the beginning of India’s journey as a republic. Indians across the globe celebrate this day by unfurling the national flag, singing the national anthem along with various cultural programs.

History of January 26

India gained its Independence on August 15, 1947, and soon after, a committee was formed to draft a constitution, which was chaired by Dr BR Ambedkar. Almost three years later the Constitution came into effect on January 26 with Dr Rajendra Prasad swearing-in as the first President of the Republic of India. Since then, every year on this day, spectacular military and cultural pageantry is held in New Delhi where the President takes the salute from the three wings of the armed forces.

Celebrations at Rajpath

As India celebrated its 75th year of Independence, armed forces displayed a range of uniforms, arms, and tanks which were used from the past. This year witnessed the grandest flypast, which was the showstopper of the event, as 75 aircraft flew over Rajpath in various formations marking the 75th anniversary of our independence.

Inclusion of Politics and Exclusion of History

While celebrating India’s 75th year of Independence, India is also celebrating the 125th birth anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. While the number of state tableaux was reduced to 12, the rejection of the tableaus of West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala, the three states where the NDA lost in the recent Assembly Elections, led to a controversy. Bengal wanted to send the tableau “Jayatu Netaji” to commemorate Netaji and INA’s legacy but the centre’s rejection to include the tableau led to a political row between the TMC and BJP. The tableau was later a part of the Republic Day celebrations at Red Road in Kolkata.

Abide With Me, the sombre conclusion of the Republic Day Parade celebrations at the Beating Retreat Ceremony held at sunset on 29th January has also been dropped from the list of events for the first time. The hymn, also considered as Mahatma’s favourite, is a part of the legacy of Republic Day Celebrations since 1950. This exclusion of history and involving politics in national events just for petty revenge is something that has not been seen in the past.

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