OIC meeting 2021

OIC meeting 2021, The Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC extraordinary )’s session on Afghanistan ended on Sunday in Islamabad without any direct declaration of economic or humanitarian aid for the war-torn country.

The conference in Islamabad, which was the largest event in Afghanistan since the fall of the US-backed government; was attended by envoys from 57 Islamic countries and observer groups. The international community had frozen billions of dollars in aid and assets in Afghanistan when the Taliban took control in mid-August, plunging the 38-million-strong country into the biggest economic and humanitarian crisis in its history.

The gathering was attended by 70 delegations, according to Pakistani officials, including temporary Taliban foreign minister Mullah Amir Khan Muttaqi. As well as representatives from the United States, China, Russia, the European Union, and the United Nations.

The Draft Resolution

The extraordinary session of the OIC Council of foreign ministers welcomed the initiative, applauded Pakistan’s contribution, and recognised the deep-rooted Islamic values that comprise the character of the Muslim society, according to a draught resolution issued at the end of the session. Furthermore, the resolution included declarations from organisations such as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Which voiced grave concern about the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Afghanistan. The collapse of Afghanistan’s health system, disease outbreaks, and chronic starvation were all highlighted as major concerns. It also emphasised the importance of maintaining economic engagement with Afghanistan; as well as reaffirming the country’s sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity.

The Demands

Speakers also demanded that the country’s banking system be reopened immediately. At the meeting, Muhammad Sulaiman al-Jasser, head of the Islamic Development Bank, made several actual financing suggestions.

During his keynote address at the gathering, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan warned the international community that the situation in Afghanistan will quickly escalate into the world’s largest “man-made crisis” unless prompt action was taken. No other country has suffered as much as Afghanistan, Khan said; adding that foreign help supported 75 per cent of the country’s budget before the Taliban took power.

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