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The Democratic nations of the world are supposed to allow their citizens the potential to influence laws and various policies and that is reflected through the general mass’s choosing of their representatives. However, the BJP government at the central legislative made the classification of governance in India highly debatable. The stark declination of the democratic freedoms of the citizens by the government of India very much puts the nation under the classification of electoral autocracy although the nation, in general, being a democracy raises confusion as the dictatorship politics being played at hand goes against the policies our nation stands for.

Electoral autocracy

After Narendra Modi and his party’s victory in the year 2014, there has been a progressive worrying erosion in India’s democratic ideals. The subjugation of the press and its rights reflects the hostility between the government and the media. The alteration of the attested news and affairs, forcing biased laws upon the general Indian mass, playing divisional politics and spewing hatred among the mass is enough for people to foretell that the democracy is in crisis.

All this amounts to severe disfavour to the cause of democracy and it has to be fought from within. The chief minister of a Hindu nationalistic movement and party that courses its ideals through the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, RSS, an Indian right-wing organisation founded in 1925 following the teachings of Mussolini, the Italian fascist leader, came into power and swept the nation with unrealistic promises of development, all of which has been plumbing downward. 

Just before the elections, there has been the withdrawal of the three laws the farmers were protesting against. What was surprising was the way the grieving farmers were addressed in the wake of the new laws now withdrawn, the police used batons, fired tear gas shells and lathi-charged on the protesting masses when they were failing to disperse them. It was confirmed that one farmer had died during the clashes and the protests whereas many others were injured. The peaceful protest only took a violent turn when the officials had failed to put a breakthrough to the “black laws” and had rejected the amendment of the three laws.

Movement of the youth 

It is now in the hands of the woke young mass to save the dying democracy in is our nation. 

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