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Government Distracting When was the last time you had seen the mainstream media showing the actual news? It is almost now an open secret that the mainstream media channels are just puppets in the hands of the government. Interestingly the ones which are not so, are often forced with several layers of organizational torture.

The irresponsible portrayal of the current political situation

“The media is showing exactly what they want us to show!” As the new tagline of our new age mainstream says. It will be better to say that the media is showing exactly what their master is asking them to.

If we very subtly study the transition of news media in our country during several political parties at power, we will see that the media houses have been modified to the gains of the ruling government ever since the invention of the news media. But to what degree is the question!

From 2014 to the current era, there has been a tumultuous transition in the authenticity of mainstream journalism. When was the last time you had read an article about the political condition in the North-Eastern part of our country? The Government wants us to be fed with the less important news so that we do not question their policies. Situations have gotten from bad to worse in recent times when our Prime Minister himself has never called for a press conference since he has been re-elected in 2019. The irony is that he has not once been grilled by the major media channels for this.

How can you avert from feeding misinformation and less important news trends?

For a start, you can stop consuming the misinformation peddled by a few of the well-reputed news companies. By now, it is almost well-identifiable by everyone who is the misinformation spreaders. Try to rely more on your reliable digital news and also subscribe to news that matters.

By Ashish

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