The world is transforming into a virtual reality gradually. Every day we see new developments in this country. Could we have apprehended this even a few years back that, exams will be conducted online through online mediums? Not! But here we are, in this era when everything in this world is turning into virtual reality. Everything about this virtual reality is both exciting and scary!

What’s exciting?

Just imagine being able to connect to wherever and whenever with whomsoever in this world right from sitting at home. Is not it exciting? There are many more facets to this new paradigm shift in reality. On one hand, while it is pretty exciting, it is also scary in many ways.

What’s scary?

The fact that your details can be hacked by anyone is something very scary. Also, the fact that virtual reality is slowly grasping the entire younger generation is something very scary. It is a great concern for us that the younger generation has not even seen the outer real world. But what if they start to think of this virtuality as the only reality? What if they never get to see the real world outside the restricted virtual world? Social media is grasping today’s younger generation very subtly.

What is the future?

The future is always uncertain. It always has been this way. No one can predict the future but what is worrying about today’s time is that this generation should not get too much invested in the virtual world thereby forgetting the wonders that exist in the real world. In other words, virtual reality is turning us more mechanical day by day. Even our communicative texts are getting more technical. Unless this issue is addressed seriously, no inference can be made out of it.

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