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Heera Group Founder Dr.Nowhera Shaik has started her company into the new digital market by launching “Heera Digital Gold”. It was found at the beginning of 2022 in the newly made Heera Martin Telangana. This group has become one of the successful enterprises across the globe. Also, this company has expanded itself into numerous fields ranging from jewellery to textiles and tourism.

These pandemic years have resulted in many companies changing their business ways into new digital modes. This, not stepping into this fantastic and emerging digital opportunity will be a loss for the company. Thus, under the guidance of Nowhera Shaik, Heera Digital Gold was launched internationally. It is a kind of digital gold that can be purchased online, replacing physical gold. The announcement for this launch was made much before in the month of august of 2021. Investing in the Heera Digital Gold is much safer because it keeps its purchaser’s digital gold in their respective and protective vaults.

How can you purchase digital gold?

Buyers can purchase the digital gold through the company’s official website, or they can also avail themselves of the options of e-wallets like Gpay or Paytm. Once someone has bought the digital gold, it is transferred to their respective vaults, and they have full access to it. The company also purchases the same amount of physical gold after our successful investment.

Gold is believed pure in many traditions and religions. Therefore, it has massive popularity among people. The Heera group enters; there is no place safer for investment than Heera Digital Gold. This company has paved its way and has left a mark in this trading business.

Heera company enables the international purchase of gold which is one of the best news for investors. Suppose an investor changes their mind and denies selling the digital gold shortly. In that case, they can ask for the gold as a physical, 24k pure, and it will be safely home delivered.

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