The Supreme Court announced their hearing regarding the ongoing case of Heera Group and their Chief Executive Officer Mrs. Nowhera Shaik. The Supreme Court announced that nothing regarding the case have been retrieved from the data center of the company itself. So they are now allowing the technicians and engineers from the Heera Group to help regarding the case. All the government-run investigation agencies have been told to withdraw their team from the case as this case has been handed over to only one agency which is the Serious Fraud Investigation Office aka SFIO. 

The Heera Group technicians will be working under the surveillance of the SFIO officers as they try to retrieve the data from the hard disk and the desktops of the Data Centre of the Heera Group. The Forensic Science Laboratory Division or the FSL will also provide the reports of the forensic tests which will help the Supreme Court in their next hearing. The properties of the Heera Group were also seized by the Supreme Court as they were accused to be illegal and not owned by the Heera Group. The S.A Colony property created the main problem as it was claimed to be someone else’s property. The survey of the SFIO helped the case because according to all the documents the statement says that the properties are belongings of the Heera Group and they can use them accordingly. The court has announced that the property can be sold by the Heera Group to fulfill the claims of their investors. This shall also be surveyed by the SFIO to avoid any inconvenience. The Heera Group are also cross-checking the list of claimers and they have announced that the claimers must have an IBG number, the receipt of their respective bank account, and the customer receipt. In absence of any of the mentioned documents, the claimed money will not be provided. The Heera Group have also been granted permission to resume their business due to which Mrs. Nowhera Shaik is happy now. They have fulfilled the claims of twenty percent of investors and all the claims shall be fulfilled by the end of the month of Ramzan.  

By Manish

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