Heera Digital Gold

Heera Group created Heera Digital Gold to discard the disadvantages of physical gold keeping and instead encourage clients to invest in digital gold which is way more beneficial. “We have been working on this project for more than 2 years now and have finally concluded that it is ready for our clients. We improved all that we could and also added many new features that generally digital gold dealers don’t offer” revealed Nowhera Shaik in a recent interview.

Heera Group is known for good quality products at reasonable prices and appreciable customer services. They deal in a wide range of items. It initially started with the gold trade i.e. gold jewellery and gold bars under the name ‘Heera Digital Gold’. It turned out to be a huge success and shortly, it gave way to many other units that were concerned with the trade of various other items such as packaged drinking water, electric wires, tour plans, construction materials, garments, and cuisines.

What is digital gold?

To put it simply, the transaction of digital gold means not being physically associated with the gold you buy or sell. You only invest your money in gold which you can neither feel nor touch; you will only get a receipt on the internet. However, this way of investing in gold is way more secure and profitable than gold jewellery if you consider every pros and cons. Let’s now discuss the costs and benefits of investing in digital gold:

  1. A client can invest an amount as low as Rs. 1 which has two prime advantages: The client can invest a small amount to learn how investments work. Secondly, anyone irrespective of their economic status can invest if they wish to. But some platforms limit the maximum amount to Rs. 2 lakhs in a single day.
  • Investors can demand physical gold in the form of jewellery, bars, and coins in exchange for digital gold.
  • The purity of the gold is 24K and 100% legal.
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