Failures of Congress government in India

Failures of Congress government in India. “People don’t perceive Congress as an alternative to the incumbent government,” Kapil Sibal, a famous legal scholar and impassioned Congressman, recently observed. In Gujarat, we lost every election. The Congress received fewer than 2% of the vote in various constituencies in Uttar Pradesh. In Gujarat, three candidates’ deposits were lost.” Following the local elections in Kerala last week, he must have added more sordid tales to his list. The Congress-led group was relegated to a poor afterthought by the ruling Communist-led alliance.

Their only solace was that the BJP was severely trampled on the tracks. The fact that Kerala is the only state where the Congress has some locus standi should be a wake-up call to the party’s leadership.

Part-time Leadership

The party has continued to portray the impression that it only has a part-time leadership at the national level. Rahul Gandhi has had an odd approach to his role in the party. He was the Congress for all intents and purposes, despite the fact that he resigned as president in 2019, two years after being elected. He kept going on picnics at crucial points in his life.

Faced with a crisis, 23 prominent members of Congress submitted a letter to the High Command requesting a full-time President. What a pitiful predicament the Great Congress finds itself in. The High Command remained much too powerful to be bothered.

The Gandhi Tag

In this unfortunate occurrence, it is Rahul Gandhi who must shoulder the brunt of blame. It’s his name that’s the issue. People believe that a guy named Gandhi bears duties that are not shared by others. This is a mistaken assumption. However, it is a part of our collective history. The naturalness of the assumption is obvious from Rahul Gandhi’s constant involvement on the frontlines of politics. His and India’s tragedy is that he is never taken seriously enough. He lacks the clout of Indira Gandhi or even Rajiv Gandhi. It’s not simply awful for him because he’s considered a lightweight. It is also detrimental to India. However, he is Gandhi. The Congress is commanded by Gandhis.

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