The key to India’s prosperity is Agriculture

For the majority of India’s impoverished population, who reside in rural areas and mostly engage in agriculture, agriculture can help alleviate poverty, increase national incomes, and enhance food security.

Agriculture has always played a significant role in generating the majority of India’s overall income. It contributes significantly to India’s GDP.

Our need for food is reliant on agricultural yields. Large amounts of food grains, including cereals, pulses, etc., are produced in India.

India’s agriculture supplies the raw materials for many of its major industries. Agriculture provides the raw materials for cotton and jute fabrics, sugar, and cotton-based businesses. This emphasizes how important agriculture is to India’s economic success.

Additionally, agriculture is a lucrative industry.

It is important for economic planning since a healthy crop provides the government with a good quantity of stable funding for paying its budgeted expenses. Similar to how a poor harvest can make economic plans fail.

The present scenario

Farmer land holdings in rural areas are typically small and dispersed. They can only meet their demands with the output, and it gets harder if the crop is spoiled.

Due to the lack of reliable marketing infrastructure in some places, farmers must rely on local intermediaries and dealers to sell the agricultural products they have purchased at a discount.

Because of the severe lack of storage facilities in rural areas, farmers are forced to sell their crops after harvest. There is still an unorganized agriculture sector and unorganized crop growing.

Not all farmers or residents of rural areas are cognizant of the government initiatives that prevented them from receiving their fair share.

The government initiatives

There have been many programs introduced by the current administration to enhance the agriculture sector. These include the NAM (National Agriculture Market) initiative to support the agriculture marketing industry and the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana to increase irrigation in India.

To ensure that farmers receive a fair wage, the government also made sure that hybrid seeds were available at discounted costs and set market pricing for commodities.

Some other programs to stop farmer suicides are the Kisan Credit Card (KCC) and the Personal Accident Insurance Scheme (PAIS). To train new farmers, the government should hire skilled farmers at the panchayat level.

The use of artificial fertilizers should be stopped and demonstration farms should be set up so that farmers can pick up the most up-to-date farming methods.

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