Are big dams a necessity in India

After the United States and China, India occupies a prominent position on the list of nations that build big dams. India has erected more than 1500 significant dams in the previous 50 years. Almost 4,300 Big dams exist in our nation now.

Large dams have been effectively employed to collect, store, and manage the water required to support civilization. Utilizing river waters to reduce the likelihood of floods and droughts has been a key part of its work.

Is it really necessary to build big dams at this point? Big dams seemed like a fantastic option given the patchy nature of the country’s rainfall, but is it morally acceptable to build these structures at the expense of the poor to produce hydropower?

The necessities of a big dam

Big dams have a variety of advantages. They generate energy, supply water for irrigating crops and stop floods.

The country could be saved from dire food shortages by building large dams. Dams cannot be held responsible for subpar repair. Because of project delays brought on by social activists, rehabilitation is not done effectively.

Dams also prevent the over-exploitation of groundwater.

The most affordable and cleanest energy source after solar energy is hydel power.

It is not cost-effective to build small dams. Using technology to ensure our survival is a positive thing.

The disadvantages of big dams

Large dams force thousands of locals to relocate and destroy their means of subsistence.

Large financial investments are needed for both the construction and upkeep of large dams. Less money is invested in other development sectors, such as welfare programs and other development endeavours.

Large tracts of woods, marshes, and wildlife are permanently destroyed by dams, which also impact the soil’s fertility.

Lack of water flow results in stagnant water, which spreads water-borne illnesses and emits greenhouse gases. Due to the sheer weight of the water in the reservoirs, large dams produce earthquakes. Additionally, thousands of people’s lives will be impacted if a significant dam is damaged.

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