BharOS - India’s very own mobile operating system

India can improve the security and privacy of its inhabitants, spur economic growth and job creation, lessen reliance on foreign technology companies, and promote creativity and technological advancement within the nation by creating its operating system.

BharOS, India’s mobile operating system, was recently developed by IIT Madras. It is claimed to be a step towards giving Indian users a more secure software experience.

Currently, Android from Google and IOS from Apple, both of which are foreign corporations, are the two operating systems that the majority of cell phones in India use. This raises questions regarding the safety and privacy of users in India.

The duopoly of Apple and Google will be broken, and our dependence on them will decrease, thanks to our own locally designed operating system.

Having our operating system will enable us to exert stronger control over data and information flow within the nation, preventing the exposure of critical information to outside nations or terrorist organizations.

Benefits of having an indigenous OS

It is anticipated that BharOS would be compatible with a variety of devices, including laptops and cell phones.

The user will be able to select the service and apps they want to use because BharOS won’t come pre-installed with Google, Apple, or Microsoft services.

BharOS prioritizes user security above all else, hence it must offer the highest level of security and protection possible.

BharOS will be updated with security patches using the Native Over The Air (NOTA) update method, which downloads and installs updates to the device without the user’s intervention.

Organizations that must adhere to strict privacy and security standards can greatly benefit from it, enabling them to handle sensitive information without concern.

The challenges

When BharOS will be available to the general public is unknown, according to its creators.

Furthermore, it is unclear how long BharOS will receive security and software updates from the makers.

To get where they are now, Android and iOS have invested a lot of time, effort, and money. BharOS may find it quite challenging to compete with them.

The fact that Android and iOS have their app stores is one of the primary reasons why they are the two most used mobile operating systems. Since the OS is so new and currently has no users, BharOS may find it difficult to draw in developers to make programs for it, making it challenging to retain customers who are accustomed to using existing apps.

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