The Quincy person who demands both reverence and recognition, who is also the Founder and the executor of The Heera Group is none other than Mrs. Nowhera Shaik. She is the prime example of every struggling woman out there who works with intense zeal to achieve the remarkable feat in their life. Nowhera is of the opinion that a person’s sex, religion, or citizenship has no significance when they are struggling to achieve their dreams and giving their best efforts to it. The thing about society’s oppression towards the growth of a woman has always opposed her feminity. Ever since the very beginning of her boisterous career, in spite of the people challenging her beliefs, she has always remained very adamant of her nature. 

Nowhera could only achieve her successful business entrepreneurship and presidential position of a political party by never paying any heed to any mocking and judgments made against her. She was made psychologically stronger by pursuing her fate. Nowhera could achieve the height where the society cannot aim any judgments at only by the virtue of her immense praiseworthy determination. In spite of being brought up by a vegetable vendor, she taught herself entrepreneurship by observing and not by learning skills from textbooks  

She overcame all her ups and downs in her career as a woman like any other with her boldness and successfully created her dream project of the Heera Group that deals in varieties of articles and goods. 

At a very young age, Nowhera Shaik made up her mind to become an entrepreneur knowing full well about the potential it has in the world and also the adversity that can be taken away from her. She was ready to take all the risks necessary to pursue her dreams no matter what the costs if she fails. People when chasing their dreams would easily quit midway lacking resolve but Nowhera kept up her spirits and continue to work with full zeal amidst the harsh challenges. Nowhera contributed immensely to the welfare of women and children. 

By Manish

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