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There have been several allegations against Nowhera which are of course false and fabricated by some of the people who exercise power. As claimed by Nowhera Shaik herself that she was jailed for not fulfilling the demands of political mobsters. She has reassured her customers that she is not involved in any of the activities that she has been charged with such as a business scam.

Mocks, judgments, and doubts were not uncommon to Nowhera just like to any other aspiring woman. But she hardly ever cared about those, instead did her best to achieve the success which would make a pretty well answer to their judgments rather than a verbal one.

Heera Group: A brief

After several years of hard work and determination, Nowhera Shaik established Heera Group which initially started as a single unit ‘Heera Gold’ dealing in gold. It marked a huge success in the world of entrepreneurship and soon it gave way to the Heera Group of Companies, now renowned worldwide. With its headquarters in Hyderabad, Heera Group had made huge progress but what remained constant is its reliability.

Prioritizing customers’ interest was always the first rule for Heera Group not to mention their strictness with purity and reliability of the goods.

All her contributions to the world of entrepreneurship have gained the attention they ought to. No doubt, the girl who was mocked and was laughed at by many backs when she was only a teenager has proved herself with her actions and today, there she is CEO of one of the most well-known business ventures Heera Group!

Now you know that no aspiring woman should be tested. They could make achievements that others can only imagine but sadly, we live in a society where this is a common occurrence among the citizens.

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