The Heera Group of Companies finally achieves what they have been struggling to achieve, which is the truth. They have already proven themselves legally and it is a remarkable historical moment for them. The Supreme Court of India had announced their hearing regarding the situation of The Heera Group and their assets after the famous Ponzi scheme controversy. The Forensic Science Laboratory Division of India (FSL ) was given the valuable charge of investigating the Data Centre of the Group and also restoring the data regarding the case. The FSL had been working hard on this matter of interest and trying hard to retrieve all the data from their Hard Disk for three years. But they have failed to restore any data from the Data Centre and henceforth, the Supreme Court had ordered that the Heera Group can in a way bring their certified engineers who are supervised by the FSL to restore all the data files from the Data Centre. A sum of eighty-seven properties owned by the Heera Group was sacked by the Enforcement Directorate(ED) because of the Heera Group member’s claim. The mentioned investigations were made by more than several agencies regarding the property and it has been hence declared that all the properties fully belong to the Heera Group and need to be returned to the Heera Group because of the lack of any evidence, for 3 years. 

After a thorough and lengthy investigation of those matters, the Supreme Court of India came to the decision that the Heera Group shall be further investigated only by the Serious Fraud Investigation Office of India or SFIO. All the investors who claim to receive their money back from the Heera Group shall consult the respected SFIO with proper ID proof to apply for the refund. The past few years have been a hill coaster of incidents for the Heera Group. After immense investigations, the Group was finally cleared of most of the ill accusations and now the matter stands at the point where the company personnel was severely harassed and alleged with incorrect allegations. To provide proper Justice to the Heera Group all the investigation results will be further surveyed directly by the Supreme Court of India before announcing any further final verdict. 

By Manish

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